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We have been trying out Cultivate Nutrition - a newly launched meal plan service by my friend, AND IT'S PHENOMENAL!

I found it a bit intimidating at first glance, as many of the recipes sound "fancy"(what's not fancy when compared with hotdogs and mac n cheese...) But they're easy, pretty quick, and SO DELICIOUS! My boys gobble it all up!

Our meals are customized to our dietary needs and preferences. The grocery list is so helpful when shopping with my kiddos. And she has an option to add the list to your online grocery cart. SO FANTASTIC!

It helps me feed my family in a nutritous, adventurous, delicious, and financially wise way - which makes me feel like a better mom and wife!

Whether you're struggling with a work-mom balance like I am, wanting to be more intentional with your nutrition, or looking to eat more adventurously, I highly recommend checking it out!

Kate Williams/ Nurse/ MI