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Man at Desk

About Me:

First, and before we get to any other important nutritional business, I want to say thank you for checking out Cultivate. This business has been in the making for a couple years and I couldn't be more excited that you're here.

My name is Calah Wesley, and I have a Master's in Nutrition & Integrative Health. I love my degree and had an amazing time learning all that it encompassed. My passion has grown to be setting others (read: YOU) up for success in nutrition-based meal planning. I thrive on variables, and knowing what you need, what your goals are, and how I can help you achieve them is my bread and butter (pun intended).

I have a husband who is my lifeblood and two young children you will see much about in these blog posts. There is so much more to come, but for now- peruse the site!



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