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Man at Desk

An Unexpected 5 am

The weekends with the 'planned' downtime still seem to fill themselves up.

Things always seem to creep in- intentional or otherwise. Initially awakened by my almost two year old in a soaked diaper, I changed him and let him cuddle back to sleep between my husband and I, at 3:30 this morning.

Do you have those moments where you know yourself incredibly well and recognize the path before you prior to even taking it? I knew there was a very slim chance I would fall back to sleep. Anything after 3 am is hit or miss on additional sleep. I attempted for about forty minutes and begrudgingly hoisted my pregnant belly out of bed and tip-toed out the door with socks and pants in hand.

Sitting at the large island in my kitchen overlooking a black backyard, I turned on the little glow lights we have on a shelf and made a cup of Traverse City Lavender Early Grey tea.

My mind begins to wander to my list of things for the day (including grocery shopping), and I adamantly place a "shh" finger on the mouthpiece of my mind and beg a moment's silence before little feet come flying down the stair in anticipation of oatmeal and the day's givings.

None of these small details individually hold any importance. Random habits of a very pregnant woman in the midst of motherhood. Collectively, there's a mental health component I have completely forgotten existed in the stillness of the morning.

Take a moment for your mind this morning. The smells are fresher and the air is quieter. All in all, it's good for the soul.

Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness. -Meister Eckhart



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