Man at Desk

Dirty hands --> Cultivate

When I got married, there were two textures I wanted nothing to do with: sand and dirt.

One of those has not changed, but that may be another story for another time.

I was perfectly content with a window herb pot. Minimal dirt. Beautiful herbs. I could not understand the necessity of hard-working people like my grandmother to kneel in mud and come up caked in dirt.

Then I started a Master's in Nutrition and my perspective shifted. Hear me, if you prefer a window herb pot, you grow those beautiful herbs and enjoy them! For me, however, it was at this point that I noticed a parallel between my resistance to getting my hands dirty and the need I had to work on myself from the roots up.

Prepping the soil. Manure (gross), Peet moss, tilling the ground, spacing out the plants. This is the work before the work, but nothing will prosper without it.