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Summer Life In the Dead of Winter

We are entering the very depth of Winter. This is the point where you're at the bottom of the hole and all you can do it look up and admire the stars because there's no deeper to go.

Winter used to be something I struggled through (read: deplored). Having lived in Chicago for a year, Blue Water Winters do not seem nearly as severe as they once did. I learned to dress for the weather. Now, my four year old outlasts us all out in the cold- I don't think she has a weather barometer in her body.

While I've learned to deal and even appreciate the beauty of snow, my body misses summer. Winter creates and sustains dry hands, less sunshine/daylight, and less time outside/on the grill. Summer is one of the best seasons for grilling almost anything and the clean-up is minimal. Do you miss summer? I do.

Never fear- I have a recipe that will give you summer vibes and support your immune system in a serious way.

Our bodies need those fresh nutrients that come so easily in the summertime. Local farmer's markets, produce stands, and sales on all-things-fresh make summertime an easy (or easier) framework for recipes that support all conditions.

January/February...ehh? They have their perks I suppose (new goals for the year, fresh snowfalls), but the most potent thing about them is the promise of spring and summer.

What is this recipe that promises the life of summer in the dead of winter?

It's my take on this one from Inspiralized, adjusted for some of my likes and tweaks. Also the first one I have actually adapted and written down, so my excitement to share with you is great: Enjoy!