Man at Desk

Introducing the "Peanut" Series

"You are smart. You are strong. You are brave"

These three things we've said on repeat like it was 2012 listening to "Call Me Maybe". You're welcome. Give it a couple days (weeks), maybe you'll move on to another song.


By the time the song is over you can repeat every word backward and forward- whether you want to be able to or not.

Luckily, the words seem to have stuck and our 18 month old even points to his head, muscles, and heart respectively. I hope this has a lasting effect on both of them, and next one on her way.

I want to remember things through this phase. While we don't take printed photos the way our parents did when we were young, we have other avenues available. Here I give to you, the "Peanut" series. We have called Aiden "Peanut" since she looked simply that on her first ultrasound. She still answers to it. While I have no intention of this being a drawn-out soliloquy of my parenting adventures, I am constantly learning and recognizing that there are so many ways to raise good humans. If I can share some of my light-bulb moments and have you respond in kind, by all means can't we all use the community and help? I know I can.