Man at Desk

My body, broken.

Interacting with someone usually begins with "What's new?".

My typical response is, "not much right now".

Here's what's new in our house:

Aiden is currently in preschool and craving every second of information I can offer her. (What I can offer will only go so far😅)

Remi is beginning to attempt consonants, which is hilarious to everyone nearby.

I've been looking for something new to attempt in a sea of sameness. The daily routine becomes a bit norm, and I'm one of those people that rearranges her furniture every 3 months for a change. Anyone else with me?

So, a few weeks ago, I started thinking about bread. Often. Fresh bread, to be exact. I used to attempt to make it at times when we were first married, but not with any kind of regularity or research.

When your diet is gluten-exclusive, fresh bread is not really a thing. There are substitutes, yes. But the crust, chew and springiness of bread literally comes f