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Scarcity Mindset

Can we be vulnerable for a moment?

I had an epiphany today. I'm increasingly aware of the strength it takes to be vulnerable. Not only that, but I feel we learn incredible amounts and create deeper connections as we are willing to be vulnerable with one another. So, here we go.

As we get old enough, we make blueprints in our minds of what our lives might be like and begin to set ideals and expectations. We have goals we explicitly state, and then unspoken ideas of what things might look like.

I was old enough to leave for college and I knew I needed an emotional break. | A split from the reality I knew at home in order to reset my mental status. So I left to New York for a year. Eventually I came home and resided in Saginaw for a couple of years- but that need to remove myself from what I was familiar with and those familiar with me was strong. It was almost necessary in order to figure out what kind of fabric I was made of and subsequently how I wanted it to be sewn (and patched, and re-sewn).

I never connected my absence with how it may have affected those I left behind, because I knew I needed it to continue a process of growth and avoid stagnancy. Today, I made that connection.

For more than five years, my sister has lived mostly in another state that's takes a full days' drive to visit. Timing of having children on my part has been such that we've been able to visit twice in that long span. In order to become the person she is now, she needed space. I'm certain for reasons of her own, and I make no assumptions as to the motivational drive behind them, but adjusting to taking care of oneself emotionally and physically leaves no room for stagnancy. As she's moved back into my parents house during the season of covid, a different kind of growth has had to take place all over again. Adults who return home have an adjustment to make for which I have no envy.