Man at Desk

Shadow Work

New mental concept development: I've recently been introduced of a concept that contains great depth, and somehow also managed to sneak up on me and practically flick me between the eyes to get my attention.

When we walk around in any kind of light there is a shadow that follows, and as the light shifts, as does our shadow. We enjoy the light on our face. We perceive goodness from facing the light and rejoice in the warmth is gives us.

Often times our children walk beside us or behind us. Walking this way, we are able to both teach them what is in front of us and protect them simultaneously. [here is where this idea shook me]

Walking beside or behind us, our children see both the sun we enjoy, and the shadow that trails us. The coolness of the darkness that matches our every seam. While we may walk away from our shadows, they don't leave us.

Brené Brown has a podcast called Unlocking Us and I will often listen to it as I drive because it is one of the few times that I am awake and both of my children are strapped to seats. She brought up the idea of turning to face the dark things in ourselves and striving to make them better, a little less heavy if you will. She or whomever she was speaking with has labeled it shadow work. We take an honest inventory of our shadow and attempt transformation.

I think in theory it's a strength, but in practicality I have seen shimmers of light and slivers of shadow within it- when I choose to "stand on principle" in a conversation (with anyone, but particularly my husband and more so my daughter) it turns quickly to pride.