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Tradition & Change: The Same Coin

We all have the nostalgia of childhood around some series of events. I hesitate to say 'holidays' because my mind immediately goes to Christmas. Think of your favorite holiday as a kid- why was it your favorite? Yes, presents are nice- but what surrounded those gifts?

In my parents house growing up we had what I now know to be the goofiest of holiday traditions. I'm talking from checking the wind at Christmas to see which direction to put the ornaments on the tree to following trails of candy out our bedroom door and searching throughout the house for more. Picture randomly loose candy, in trails on the floor, on top of lamps, doorframes, and inside plants. Two kids feverishly searching the house to find each piece, with a father telling you you'd missed some like it was magic. Like somehow he knew.

I treasure these moments in my history, I carry that love with me into every occasion with my kids. I know now that I'm a parent that my parents did everything they could to make holidays special with what they had.

I also know more about health & nutrition now. Happiness and nostalgia are part of health.

The beauty of being a parent is being the conductor of nostalgia.

I get to be the magic maker. While we don't do candy, we still celebrate with vigor.

As our family expands and grows older, we have a responsibility to gracefully integrate our standards and desires for health with the nostalgia that creates happiness in others. We cultivate an environment of communication and collaboration in an attempt to not only make our new traditions available, but to allow for the passing down of tradition from other generations and units through our variation of change.

Easter is a time of new life (we planted about 50 seed pods yesterday and it thrilled my soul), a time of celebration of Jesus' resurrection, and one more wonderful excuse to get together and celebrate. The beauty of tradition is something we remember that we could count on. The beauty of change is that we are forging ahead toward something we deem important. They are two sides of the same coin, and both are worthy of embrace.

If you're in a place of attempting change in a setting of tradition, I encourage you. You have an opportunity to bring grace and a new mindset into a place of creating an entirely new version of tradition, unique to you. What an incredible opportunity.

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Looking to spruce up the main portion to something new? Serve this Red Wine Roasted Leg of Lamb and everyone will feel decadent without the heaviness that comes from a calorically dense meal.

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