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Why 30 is better than 29: And all about roasting a pig whole.

My bucket list is small. Few things get me more excited than the idea of cooking for a large crowd (long-term dream of turning my pole barn into a teaching/cooking/dining barn). Since my husband Matt & I married in 2013 [closer and closer to a decade ago- unreal and amazing simultaneously] we've both had

"roast a whole pig for a party" 📝

on our individual and collective lists. Deciding to raise a family on one full-time salary has it's limitations, and spending cash on an entire hog is about the cap. However, thanks to those of you that allow me to support you nutritionally, we've saved for this particular occasion. With the rise and decline of Covid-induced quarantine, this seemingly never-ending vacuum has taken the oxygen out of the idea of gathering. BUT. The end of May brings warmer weather and the ability to be outside with those we love.

There is no better reason to celebrate.

I spent all last week prepping. Monday I made my list and my beautiful mother (Mimi) helped me lug 6 watermelons home among perhaps twelve other bags of miscellaneous things. Time spent alone with her at the store in and of itself was worth it.

About a week prior I made a fermented habanero citrus hot sauce. This stuff is no joke. About three days after that I made a smoked fermented sauce that tasted like BBQ sauce and ketchup fell in love & got married, producing the most delicious babies.


Tuesday I made a South Carolina Mustard Hot sauce that I am unasha