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Hits the Spot. {+ Free Recipe Link}

Let me start here:

Currently, my back yard is a Autumnal paradise, a view I didn't appreciate quite so much last year around this time having just moved into this house and being 9 months pregnant.

But this year. This year I see it with fresh eyes, and I ask it daily to stay a little longer.

The day started out with frost (not a great color-staying trick, but I don't control the weather). Which immediately makes me crave coffee. After about twenty minutes and a full cup of hot coffee (can I get an "Amen" for those moms who enter the phase of full-night sleep with their children?!) my mind began to fire on all (read most) cylinders and thought about what I could feed my children today. Having begun with frost, soup is not a far leap and also a common meal in our household. I made a recipe earlier in the week that I was SUPER excited about, but because of lack of time (read children) didn't execute it the way I wanted to. This was my chance for redemption!

There are some recipes that are inherently child-friendly. There are some in which it's easy to hide vegetables that may otherwise be difficult to eat, and then there are those you attempt and accept the mess, or save for a date night or lunch during nap time. This is one of the latter. I found this beauty from a blog I often follow called The First Mess. The author is a brilliant recipe-creator and this is no exception. So on this frost-filled, coffee-fueled morning I decided our lunch would be Roasted Carrots & Rice with Zingy Turmeric Broth.

I will warn you. This is addictive. It has every note of salt and spice and umami and deliciousness that today called for and I loved every drop of it. Trust me, with heavy turmeric I knew exactly where every single drop went. There were to be no yellow stains!

Here is the original version:

The only difference we made is the addition of roasted parsnips in Sumac (citrusy) spice. Tiny bit of sweetness. We may even roast a flaky white fish this weekend and remake the entire recipe for the third time. Finding a recipe that we crave enough to make twice is (more common now that we have kids) not commonplace. Finding something we can riff on and make for the third time in a week is post-inducing. A white bowl or more attractive holder could have made the picture a little brighter, but I'll be honest - my main intention was to eat while both children were asleep. 🙌🏼

Here is our version:

Warm things evoke a cozy feeling in me and there is always enough cozy to go around.

I have no catchy end to my current post, just the gratification of sharing such an amazing recipe with you in hopes you might make it and have it simply hit the spot. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


P.S. This recipe may cost between $2-2.50/serving which makes a third remake all the more attractive!



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