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It's a Gut Feeling

That eaten-too-much, can't sleep, dizzy from the sugar, should walk it off, couldn't run a marathon if you paid me kind of feeling. Familiar?

It's post-Christmas and lousy doesn't begin to describe the bloated, over-full, not one-more square inch of space left feeling in your stomach. Perhaps a little less this year due to Covid shutdown of Christmas parties. However, those nostalgic holiday rituals are in full swing.

Appetizers. Cocktails. Mixed Nuts. A MASSIVE dinner spread. Cookies. Desserts on Desserts on Desserts. Multiple times if you have extended family nearby.

We have two. My immediate nucleus which includes my Mom (Mimi), my Dad (the Bapa), my sister, my grandmother (Nana), and our four. Then my other side: Meme, Grandpa, and my husband's brother Tim, plus our four. Two dinners, desserts, snacks, coffee, etc.

I feel like I need a gut check.

We did fairly well overall in terms of moderation and nutrition over the holidays, but out of the norm enough to notice.

Let me advocate for a change that can be implemented right now, like today. No physical adaptations to your schedule necessary (though it's always a good idea). Are you ready? Drumroll, anyone? If it's playing in your head or you're envisioning yourself drumming on some kind of surface, I applaud you for your investment.

Fermented Foods.

That's it. What exactly falls into that realm? Kimchi, Kombucha, Kefir, Saurkraut, lactose-fermented pickles and veggies (which are surprisingly easy to make).

We have a favorite brand called Cleveland Kraut. A wide array of grocery stores carry it. Flavors from hot to classic caraway to mellowed out beets (first time attempt encouragement here for choice). Not expensive. Keeps for a long time, though doesn't last long in this household [read: 3.5 year old inhales].

Anyone remember the episode of the Magic School Bus when the class travels inside Ralphie's body and learns about healthy cells versus sick cells? Imagine the same idea, but with good bacteria and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria makes you feel bloated, constipated, and can even mess with your hormones (what? it's true). The good, bubbly bacteria in fermented foods fight hard against those things to create a culture of peace and regularity.

What do you gain from peace and regularity?

That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff.

Send me a note or text if you want to learn more.

Please 2021, step right in.

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