Man at Desk

Same, but different.

You will be a different person by the end of this post.

A podcast I listened to recently spoke of how ever-evolving we are as individuals. Not only in the sense of maturation with habits and priorities, but also physiologically. Our cells and neurons shift and adjust to their environment continually. Logistically speaking, your body will be different by the end of this two-minute read.

Follow me down this rabbit hole and let’s see if you come out the other side in a similar state of mind as I did.

My driver's license expired in May of 2020. Everything was shut down. Naturally, I forgot about it until recently when a cashier or someone similar pointed it out to me.

I made my appointment and as I came closer I realized I was sad to have to take a new picture.

This first picture came right after my honeymoon to Mexico. Bright-eyed, in wonder at the idea of marriage, no children, (not yet interested in nutrition), and broke 🤣. Giddy over changing my last name from Babin to Wesley, I strutted into the Secretary of State with a strong sense of self-confidence, ready to adjust the way people see me. My picture- blonde and tan- showed few markings of real life obstacles: one major heartbreak, multiple college switches, and idealism up the wazoo. Athletic, unappreciative of young strength and capability. She’d never lost anyone. She was naively happy. And I love that about her.