Man at Desk

Enough, in my business.

Wide-eyed, learning-driven, 'my-best-is-good-enough'. The days of hearing my 3.5 year old say, "Teach me Momma" are numbered.

Moments I wish she'd do things on her own without my help are fewer, and the desire for her to look to me for guidance grows stronger as she becomes more independent.

Nana bought Aiden this book for Christmas- Yoga Together: Everyday Yoga for Children.

In terms of yoga, one might say I am...inflexible? [read: cannot touch my toes even after decades in athletics]. However, it was important to her that we try the ones that calm the body down before nap time because, according to Aiden, "I'm not sure I'll be able to relax enough to sleep if we don't". Well played, spawn of mine, well played.

Remi went down for his nap and I thought: